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Nils was in my team, handling the support and maintenance of the www.maerskseland.com portfolio. Nils is a good and steady, thorough ressource, always getting the job done. Nils is dedicated to deliver quality and to dig deep in to matters that others might have difficulties handling. Nils contributed to the group with his professionalism and is good humor. It was a pleasure having Nils in the team.

Tinna Storgaard Nielsen

IT Management, Dong Energy

Nils is a very motivated, methodical and diligent guy. With a keen eye for detail and strong knowledge of testing. In all of the work that he did, Nils showed himself to be very professional and effective. He has a very strong technical understanding. He is also a good communicator. He displayed good understand of technology and picked up elements very quickly.

I would happily work with him again and/or recommend him to anyone.

Kim Jan Vangslev Johansson

IT Specialist, EG A/S

I have known Nils for many years. He worked as an IT Consultant for one of my companies in the ninties. I have always found that Nils takes a very professional attitute to his work, for which he has also always demonstrated that he is highly qualified. I can recommend Nils as a trustworthy, diligent and highly engaged IT Consultant – especially in relation to anything to do with the Internet (programming and design).

Mariano Anthony Davies

Advisory Board Chairman, Crossing Borders

Nils is a very structured, persistent working and loyal colleague. When assigning Nils a task you are sure it is carried out with outmost accuracy.
When I was working with Nils we were assigned to change a system with no documentation developed by another company.
Even though we didn´t know the language Nils singlehanded figured out the structure and rapidly made the desired changes.

Lene Tullin Nielsen

Experienced HR professional, Tullin HR

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